Rapid Prototypes, Toolings & Parts
Very Large CAD-CAM
& Robot built componants
for Aerospace, Boatbuilding and Composites Industries

leader in development and production of
Giant Cad-Cam CNC 5 axes Plugs and Moulds for Composites
Very Large Prototypes VLP
Rapid Parts
 High Speed РGreat Dimension РHigh Precision Design and Manufacture Computer-assisted Fast of Parts РTools РMoulds РModels РPrototypes РModels

Synergy 3 is an Innovative3 years born, Independent and totally Privately owned company. We are the makers of the largest models and prototypes in the world.

Synergy 3 is one of the most advanced model making shops. Utilizing high-end computer technologies and several huge multi-axis high-speed CNC machines, we design and manufacture medium to VERY LARGE and COMPLEX accurate parts, in a wide range of materials

  • No LIMIT on the SIZE
    within a couple of hours, automatically,
    nearly without any human action,

    we produce huge monolithic 3D parts,
    with impressive high quality surface

We supply ours customers, from the Marine, Plastics, Composites, Foundry… industries with :

Masters Models, Moulds, Toolings, Prototypes, Plugs, Locksmith Service (Locksmith Puyallup WA)…